The World’s Top 5 Triathletes of All Time

Whenever you put the word ‘greatest’ in front of an athlete’s name, people begin to talk. It’s very hard to pick the world’s most fantastic athletes because no matter the names we choose there’ll always be others who agree and disagree.

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There have been a lot of amazing athletes with outstanding achievements, here are our five favourites:

Simon Whitfield

Simon Whitfield 300x212 The World’s Top 5 Triathletes of All Time

Simon Whitfield is a retired Olympic Triathlon champion from Canada, who’s won ten consecutive Canadian Triathlon Championships titles and carried his national flag during the 2012 Olympics opening in London. Whitfield is better known for winning the gold medal in the triathlon at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, after he managed to get up after crashing with 14 other riders in the bike potion of the event. He also claimed another gold in Manchester, a silver in Beijing and a bronze in Winnipeg.

Craig Walton

Craig Walton 300x205 The World’s Top 5 Triathletes of All Time

The Noosa triathlon has been Walton’s greatest achievement after winning the event seven times and holds the course record. However, he’s famous for his fantastic efforts in the 2008 Summer Olympics, where his swimming and cycling abilities established a large lead, but unfortunately lost due to faster runners beating him to the finish.

Scott Molina

Scott Molina The World’s Top 5 Triathletes of All Time

In 1988 Molina won the Ironman World Championship, and got given the nickname, “The Terminator,” after he bested reigning champions Dave Scott and Mark Allen. He definitely lives up to his nickname as Molina has won over 100 professional races in his career.

Chrissie Wellington

Chrissie Wellington The World’s Top 5 Triathletes of All Time

Give it up for the girls, this professional triathlete is four time Ironman Triathlon World Champion. She holds all three world championship records involving the Ironman distance triathlon races including; the overall world record, the World Championship course record and the official world record for all Ironman-branded triathlon races over the full distance. She’s the only triathlete, male or female to have won the World Championship in less than a year of turning professional.

Paula Newby-Fraser

Paula Newby Fraser The World’s Top 5 Triathletes of All Time

Referred to as “The Queen of Kona,” after winning the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii eight times, this incredible athlete also won 21 out of 26 Ironman races as well as loads of shorter races too. Paula has also competed in long distance duathlons like the Power Man Zofingen in Switzerland, where she knocked the reigning Queen, Liz Downing off her throne.


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