A True Lifetime Sport – Why is Tennis so Universally Popular?

Certain sports in the United States don’t receive much credit from the general American audience. Examples of these sports include bowling, cricket, and tennis. You’re more likely to see old people engaged in watching these sports on a television or using the telecast as companion noise while they complete other crossword puzzle or knitting their grandson a Christmas sweater. While watching the U.S. Open or the latest Djokovic-Nadal bout certainly won’t be as popular to audiences quite like the Super Bowl (although it should), playing tennis is very popular among all age groups and skill types. This is a result of tennis being a great source of exercise for young and old people, effective stress reliever, and simplicity to pick up and play at any moment. Tennis will continue to be a popular game of all ages for several reasons: low impact physical activity, stress relief, and beginner friendliness.

AGgWKR7 A True Lifetime Sport – Why is Tennis so Universally Popular?

Physical Activity

As a person gets older, the number physical activities available to them decrease. For example, a 50-year old person no longer wants to or has the ability to play full contact football. Tennis is chosen by these same people because it is a great form of exercise and the risk of injury while playing is quite low. While there are certainly risks of rolling an ankle or being hit with the tennis ball, a tennis player will not have an opposing player launch at them, fall to the hardwood after a hard foul, or be at risk of a puck flying and knocking their front teeth out. Tennis is a safe form of physical activity which is exciting and enjoyable for all ages. Be careful of those hardcourts though, as a long day shuffling back and forth on the court can put some serious stress on the body joints.

Stress Reliever

After a long day at work or after a heated discussion with the spouse, many tend to utilize tennis as an effective stress reliever. Endorphin levels are important to maintain for a person to feel positive about life and playing tennis is an effective device for this. In fact try it yourself. After difficult or stressful day try going out and on a run or playing a competitive physical game with friends. If you can stay active for a couple hours, you’ll forget about all those stressful happenings and come back recharged and with a positive outlook on things. Tennis can serve this function to anyone who engages in the activity, whether young, old, tall, short, girl or boy. Stress relief for all ages.


Tennis is one of those sports that can be played year-round, inside or outside, and with or without an opponent. Grab a tennis racket, one dozen balls, and start slapping around a ball. A tennis court isn’t even necessary! Play with the wall and continue batting balls while the wall bats them back towards you. The startup equipment isn’t expensive and you don’t have to schedule a pickup game that requires more than 1 person. Tennis requires holding a racket in hand and flicking the racket towards the ball. It really is that simple and once you get the fundamentals down, you can continue honing accuracy, hit power, and anticipation skills.

Now you should see why tennis is so popular among older age-groups. It provides quality physical activity to help maintain weight and a healthy lifestyle, a way of reducing stress and raising endorphin levels, and can be played by anyone regardless of age, sex, or handicap. While you may not be interested in watching the sport on television, try the sport out yourself. It will not take long to understand why the sport has such a strong following.

Jerome Manson is a sports enthusiast who enjoys both watching games and studying various teams’ successes and failures. When he isn’t analyzing the X’s and O’s, Jerome is playing tennis or blogging about professional tennis for selectaticket.com.

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