Toning up and getting buff: top 5 gym exercises

Whether it’s toning up for the party season, or kick starting your fitness regime in the New Year, these five gym exercises will have you looking buff in no time at all. Washboard abs and enviable guns are just a read away…

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Sit-ups are a simple yet effective way of fighting the flab. Lying on the floor with your legs bent and feet flat, lift your head and should off the ground and hold for around three seconds. Do reps of these each day to get your perfect six pack sooner than you thought.

Of course, if you like a challenge, why not invest in a sit-up bench? The steep incline of the bench will make the exercise harder and more rewarding. Take a look at this Youtube video to see how it works.


The V-up is the sit-ups exercising cousin, and is another really effective method of toning your abs. Lying on your back, you should keep your legs straight and reach forward to touch your toes. There’s also the option of the half-seat v-up, where you have your legs bent instead.

Water rower

Moving on from floor exercises, the water rower is a great way of toning up your arms, legs and shoulders. Set the resistance to a suitable level for your physical ability by emptying or adding to the water tank. Once sorted, incorporate this vital machine into your workout – just half an hour could burn up to 316 calories!

The water rower is always a popular machine in the gym, so why not beat the queues and buy your own? If you’re serious about getting fit, you can pick up a quality water rower from companies like Gym Company and exercise in your own time.


In order to achieve those well-shaped legs and peachy bottom, you should incorporate lunges into your daily work out. Essentially, this exercise involves stepping forward with one leg and lowering the hips until both knees are at a 90 degree angle. While this may seem simple, many people carry out the exercise incorrectly, placing extra strain on knee joints, so take a look at below video to avoid sustaining an injury.


They’re not a particularly new exercise, but they’re still a really effective away of toning your arms, abs, shoulders, legs – everywhere basically! Lying on your front facing the floor with your legs together, use your arms to push yourself up, keeping your body straight. Hold for a few seconds, and repeat. And, if you’re not quite a gym expert, you could always do the three quarter press up instead.


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