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“Less Money Mo’ Problems” 4 Health Problems You Might Share With Pro Athletes

Not all health concerns are injuries, and even though health concerns for athletes tend to make the headlines, you’ve probably experienced many of the same health issues. Muscle Strains And Pain You get them when you work out after a [...]
5 Common Professional Hockey Injuries pic

5 Common Professional Hockey Injuries

Professional hockey is one of the most physically demanding sports in the world, and its players are very well-conditioned. However, with the fast pace of the game and its physical nature, injuries are common. There are few hockey players who [...]

Sports Persons Plague

If you personally, or you know anybody who does sport, then you know how important it is to keep your fitness levels at an all-time high in order to stay competitive in your respective sport. If not, an unfortunate injury could side-line you [...]
Endurance Training

Golf And Life Expectancy: Better Than Extreme Endurance Training?

We all know that athletes generally live longer than the rest of the population. More exercise means less risk of cardiovascular disease, and therefore a longer life. What’s interesting is that extreme endurance athletes don’t seem [...]