Endangered Sports Five of the Most Unusual Sports from History 3

Endangered Sports: Five of the Most Unusual Sports from History

Sporting events around the world are perhaps more popular than ever. Franchises, players, and television networks rake in mountains of money every year from eager fans following their favorite pastimes. But what of the sports that are a little [...]
5 Tips to Help Turn Your Unfinished Basement into a Sports Den

5 Tips to Help Turn Your Unfinished Basement into a Sports Den

Remodeling a basement is considered a great way to amplify the value of a home. This will not only provide extra space that a family needs, but this will also be a good place to hang out and enjoy. There are a lot of remodeling options like [...]

Tips on How to search for wholesale caps and headwear

So your team needs a cap, rather they all need caps which would speak high about everyone. Baseball is what you all play and for a long period of time, baseball players have sported the snapback. The reasons why this cap is chosen amongst the [...]

Does Alcohol Affect Your Sports Performance?

If you take part in performance sports then you need to train and look after your body so is it acceptable to take a small drink?Your TrainingIf you are a professional sportsman or if you are training for a major event such as a marathon run [...]
dancing on ice

How To Take Care Of Your Ice Skates

Your ice skates are a significant investment and should be cared for correctly in order to maximise their life span and effectiveness. Much of the required care and maintenance is quick and easy and yet many people new to skating are unaware [...]

Age Is No Obstacle For Sport And Exercise

As we advance in years we naturally slow down, we try not to push our bodies too far, knowing that it will take us longer to recover from any over exertion or injury that we may sustain. At least the majority of us do, there are those for whom [...]
Endurance Training

Golf And Life Expectancy: Better Than Extreme Endurance Training?

We all know that athletes generally live longer than the rest of the population. More exercise means less risk of cardiovascular disease, and therefore a longer life. What’s interesting is that extreme endurance athletes don’t seem [...]

Chances for British Sporting Glory in 2013

With a fantastic summer of sporting glory behind us, demonstrating the country’s domination on the world stage, the 2013 sporting calendar stretches out ahead full of British potential. Of course it remains to be seen whether investment in [...]
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How Do Professional Sportsmen And Women Improve Their Visual Skills?

For sportsmen and women, there is a difference between good eyesight and good vision. Good eyesight is static and can be improved upon by corrective eyewear and surgery. Good vision can be improved upon and forms part of our spatial awareness, [...]
Ice Climbing Area

The Extreme Sport Of Ice Climbing

If you are looking for some adventure and enjoy extreme sports, consider ice climbing. As the term implies, the activity involves climbing steep inclines of ice shelves, frozen waterfalls, or mountain cliffs that have become icy from freezing [...]