Best Value Snowboards For The New Rider

Snowboarding has rapidly grown into one of the most popular winter sports there is, and with good reason: it’s FUN! Whilst it can be tricky to get started, once you have the basics mastered most riders progress faster than people learning to ski, meaning you’ll see more results and can get out on the slopes a lot quicker.

Some of the most important things to look for in a snowboard include aluminium bootstraps and a board combining a flexible upper plate with a sturdy base plate. Also be aware that the more well-known brands can be more expensive just because they’re emblazoned with a famous name; it’s best to go for a good board rather than a big name.

You may also want to decide whether you’re a mountain rider or a park/pipe rider (parks are groomed terrain with man-made obstacles such as half-pipes, jumps and rails for freestyle riders). Some boards are great on mountains but not so hot on parks, and vice versa.

The best boards to buy on a budget at the moment include those made by Gnu and 5150, the beginner imprint of the larger brand Ride.

The Gnu B-Nice BTX (for women) is a great board for beginners to intermediates and performs well on both mountains and parks. It has a medium flex which allows it to traverse a variety of terrains in both directions (meaning you can switch leading foot by turning through 180) whilst still being forgiving enough for those learning or honing their skills.

The men’s equivalent is the Gnu Carbon Credit BTX. Again a versatile board for park and peak it comes with Magne Traction edges – which means it has serrated edges to help cut into hard packed snow and ice, thus giving better grip – and Banana Tech, which is a rocker built between your feet to focus downward pressure and help with turns, whilst leaving tip and tail light for a floating feeling.

The 5150 Empress (for women) is a beginner board at the lower end of the price market. It is a great solid board on which to learn the basics, allowing riders to progress down parks in one direction. It has a full-wrap metal edge for added durability.

The 5150 Vice is the men’s equivalent, although it is ‘all mountain’ being good on both peaks and parks. It has medium flex and 360 Edge Protection, the lightest edge on the market.

Whichever board you choose, make sure it’s the right size and then, make sure you enjoy using it!

Author: This post was supplied on behalf of Simply Piste online ski and snowboard clothing store based in the UK.

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