Smashing the Record: 5 Famous Sports Figures Arrested for DUIs

smashed1 Smashing the Record: 5 Famous Sports Figures Arrested for DUIs

While it is not uncommon to hear about an athlete with legal trouble, the most common arrest among sports figures every year is for drunk driving. While there is a long list of sports figures that have received DUIs, these are the most famous athletes to be arrested for the crime in the past few years.

Todd Helton

Helton may be one of the greatest hitters in the history of baseball, but that did not stop him for receiving a DUI in May 2013. Helton had been consuming red wine at his home when he decided to go buy lottery tickets. Helton struck a median on his trip resulting in his arrest with a blood-alcohol level of .102.

Jason Kiddsmashed2 273x300 Smashing the Record: 5 Famous Sports Figures Arrested for DUIs

Jason Kidd got arrested for a DUI while playing with the New York Knicks on July 15, 2012. Kidd was driving home after a long night of partying in a club when he drove his SUV into a telephone pole. The arrested resulted in a two game suspension by the NBA.

Marshawn Lynch

Marshawn Lynch was arrested for a DUI in July 2012, but he has yet to face trial for his crime. The DUI trial was set to take place in December 2013, but it ultimately got pushed back due to Lynch playing in the Super Bowl. If Lynch is convicted, then he will most likely be suspended for at least one game in the 2014 NFL season as the Seahawks try to defend their championship.

smashed3 300x239 Smashing the Record: 5 Famous Sports Figures Arrested for DUIs

Justin Blackmon

Blackmon got pulled over in Oklahoma on June 3, 2012, and allegedly had a blood-alcohol level of three times the legal limit. He also received a DUI in 2010 in Texas while still in college. Blackmon has since been indefinitely suspended by the NFL for multiple violations of the league’s substance abuse policy.

Knowshon Moreno

Moreno was pulled over after driving 70 miles per hour through a construction zone on February 1, 2012. The police officer deemed that Moreno was drunk and ordered to complete a field sobriety test. After Moreno ultimately failed the sobriety test, he was arrested for DUI.

Famous sports figures continue to be arrested for drunk driving every year despite the risks it poses towards the health of everyone on the road and their career. All of the major sports leagues are starting to suspend athletes for DUI arrests, so it is still yet to be seen if that will deter any of them from driving while impaired. Because many of these athletes can afford the counsel of talented attorneys like Ronald Dinan & Associates, they can escape some of the civil penalties for a DUI, but the professional ramifications might make a difference if they are enforced.

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