Reasons to Head to Public Golf Courses This Summer

Public golf courses are often overlooked by people who want to play a relaxing round of golf, which is a real shame. While private clubs can offer some advantages, public golf courses can often exceed even the most sophisticated expectations. At GolfNorth, we often find that people looking for a truly unique golf experience love playing on our public golf courses in Ontario so much that they return time and time  again. Even the devotees of the world’s great golf courses come back with clubs in hand to experience the natural beauty and stress-free world of public golf.

Here are some of the reasons we think you should give public courses a shot this summer:
1. Public golf courses make a great learning experience. Public golf courses are a bit more laidback than their private cousins, and because of this they are a onderful place to take young and beginning golfers of all ages to play their first rounds. While still challenging and professionally kempt, GolfNorth’s courses offer a huge variety of courses that are great for both novices and those who have been golfing for decades alike. With some relaxation of the rules at stodgier private golf establishment comes the freedom to learn and to teach. Why not bring your son, daughter, or spouse into the world of golf this way?

2. Public golf courses offer a wonderful networking opportunity. When you play on a public course, you make a wide circle of acquaintances that will likely exceed the local country club. On the green with people from all walks of life, you might be surprised at the friendliness you encounter and at the number of connections you are able to make. Start a conversation on the green and you could have a new business partner in an industry you’ve been trying to break into for years. Rather than sticking with the same crowd year after year, try the public golf course for networking this summer.

3. Public golf courses deliver a huge variety of design variances. Just because a golf course is public doesn’t mean it wasn’t designed by a top professional in the field. Quite the contrary: many public courses have been commissioned from layouts produced by some of the industry’s best and brightest golf course designers, and completed by some of Ontario’s best landscaping companies.

4. Public golf courses are excellent locations for charity events. The next time you, your company, or someone you know is wanting to throw a charity golf tournament,you can save on overhead by throwing the event at a public golf course instead of at a private golf club. This way, more of the money goes to the charity being supported instead of going to the cost of the event. Many private golf courses, especially at GolfNorth, might even be able to offer a discount for charity events on their courses.

These are just some of the practical reasons why a public course might suit your needs this summer. Remember, GolfNorth has the best public golf courses in Ontario, and we can’t wait to share them with you.

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