Raising the Stakes: Who is the Strongest Team in 2014′s Soccer World Cup?

There are only a few months left till the beginning of the 20th World Cup championship that will take place in Brazil, but football fans have already been wondering and questioning the strength and power of the biggest teams that are going to take part in it. Which team is the strongest and who is going to win the World Cup this year?

  • Brazil

Apparently, if we take a look at the odds in a world cup betting site like this one, we will see that Brazil is one of the top favorites right now thanks to their strong team. Even though they lost their final to Uruguay over 60 years ago in Rio de Janeiro, the Seleçao has great chances to win the World cup this year in front of their own fans and in their own territory. Players like Neymar, Thiago Silva, Pato, Robinho have all it takes to bring the team of the tallest step of the podium.

  • Argentina

Argentina is not going to fear any team in this World Cup. They have been quite lucky with the draw, but they are not counting on luck to win the championship. Their attack is fierce and can count on excellent players like Messi, Lavezzi, Higuain and Aguero. Having the chance to win in Brazil will definitely be a boost of motivation to Sabella’s team, since they have not won a world cup since 1986 in Mexico.

  • Spain

Spain won the World Cup in 2010 and also the European Cup in 2012. The reigning champions have been dominating the football world for the past years and will do all it takes to keep their supremacy. Even though some of the greatest players in La Furia Roja are not as young as before, they will surely give a hard time on the green field.

  • Italy

Italy has been experiencing lots of ups and downs lately, but experts are confident they might have a very important part in the forthcoming World Championship. Just like the Spanish team though, the team is getting a bit old, but it is not always a bad thing for players like Buffon and Pirlo who are the most experienced in the team and have played more world championships.

  • Germany

Germany is facing Portugal, Ghana and USA in group G, but it is very likely for them to win and get in the real game. Germany has always been a very tactical and dangerous team in every football championship and they will not disappoint this time either. Their main strength is team work and with players like Muller and Ozil their chances to win are big.

  • Netherlands

Probably not one of the favorite teams to win the World Cup, but Netherlands has still great champions like Sneijder and van Persie to give a hard time to other teams in the tournament. The team can be young, but this doesn’t mean it is inexperienced and should definitely not be underestimated.

  • France

The French team is still quite young, but counts of very experienced and talented football players like Ribery, Abidal and Evra and a strong goalkeeper, Lloris. Group E is rather easy to beat, so we can expect to see France competing with some of the biggest team in the tournament with good results.

  • Colombia

Colombia has a very strong and organized team that finished second in South American qualification for Brazil 2014, just a few points behind Argentina. The team is built on solid bases and can count on the skills of great talents such as Martinez, Rodriguez and Guarin. Playing in Brazil, being used to the weather and place could definitely be a great opportunity for them.

There are already some interesting predictions online on who will win each of the matches and why. Of course it is all based on the state of each teams’ players and previous experiences; still many things can happen before the big day, so if you already have chosen your favorite team you must support it till the end.

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