How to Play Fantasy Basketball

If you are interested in heightening your enjoyment of NBA games, playing fantasy basketball might be a fun option for you. With fantasy basketball, you can enjoy the games in a whole new way.

Here is some information on what you need to know about fantasy basketball:

Five main positions

In most fantasy basketball leagues, you will draft players based on the following positions: center, power forward, small forward, shooting guard, and point guard. You might also have a utility spot on your fantasy basketball league. You pick real-life NBA players for your fantasy basketball league.

Snake or salary cap

There are generally two kinds of fantasy basketball drafts: snake draft and salary cap draft. A snake draft has nothing to do with a snake – instead, in the draft, the positions undulate like a snake. For example, if you are going to pick first in an eight-team draft, you will be eighth in the second round, first in the third round, etc. Your position in the draft curls around like a snake.

With a salary cap draft, you get a set budget, and then spend how much you would like on players within your budget. A salary cap draft forces you to spend wisely. If you spend the most on the best power forward, you might not be able to spend as much on your center.  So you may need to find some sleeper picks – undervalued players who don’t cost much money – in order to succeed.

Point system

In fantasy basketball, you get points based on what your fantasy players do. The number of categories depends upon the individual league you are in. Generally speaking, the main categories are points, rebounds and assists. Other categories could be blocks, steals, free throw percentage, and field goal percentage.

Don’t play favorites

You should pay attention to who are ranked the best in fantasy basketball, not just the biggest names, or your favorite players. If you only pick players on your real-life favorite team, you could suffer in fantasy basketball. This is one of the biggest issues when it comes to fantasy basketball. For example, if you root for the Boston Celtics, turning down a chance to draft Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers just because he is on your real-life favorite team’s arch-rival could hurt your fantasy basketball league.

Several types of fantasy basketball leagues

You can sign up for a fantasy basketball league that goes as long as the NBA season, or you can sign up for a weekly or daily fantasy basketball league. With those leagues, you can draft a new team each week or even each day. This increases interest, especially when you can win cash and prizes for doing so.

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