Most Overrated Baseball Players In History

Most Overrated Baseball Players In History 300x241 Most Overrated Baseball Players In HistoryThere have been many overrated athletes over the years. Baseball certainly does not have a shortage of players that have been overrated. Let’s take a look at those baseball players that are not as good as their reputations might lead you to believe:

Phil Niekro

It may seem hard to believe that a Hall of Fame player like Phil Niekro can be overrated. However, if you look carefully at his career statistics, you see something that hardly resembles a guy who is supposed to be one of the greatest pitchers of all time. Niekro is the classic example of what is known as a “compiler.” A compiler plays for a long time, puts up good stats, and finishes his career with massive career totals that are often deceiving. Yes, Niekro did win 318 games. Yes, he did have 3,342 strikeouts. However, he played for 24 years. Because he was a knuckleballer, he was able to pitch until he was 48. Most pitchers have already been retired for a decade by the time they are 48.

Don Sutton

This is another pitcher who is very similar to Niekro in many respects, except he wasn’t a knuckleballer. Sutton had a good career, no doubt about it. He had some excellent seasons and put up some solid numbers. However, when a player is inducted to the Hall of Fame, as Sutton was, they need to be one of the greatest players to ever play the game. You need to be an immortal player. Sutton was none of those things. He hung around until he was 43, thus making his 324 wins seem a little cheap. He never finished higher than third in the Cy Young Award balloting. A pitcher like Sutton could have used elbow tape because it provides stability and support for muscles. It also doesn’t limit a person’s range of motion.

Tony Perez

Perez was an RBI machine. However, the great players that surrounded him for most of his career helped to elevate his numbers beyond what they should have been. Perez had the good fortune to play on the dominant Reds teams of the 1970’s. With guys like Pete Rose and Joe Morgan hitting in front of him, it was not difficult for Perez to hit the 90 or 100 RBI mark year after year. While 1,652 career RBI is impressive, that number becomes less impressive because it took him 23 years to achieve it. The fact that he did not receive enough votes for the Hall of Fame until his 9th time on the ballot speaks volumes about his career.

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