Obtaining your driving license

It’s a modern rite of passage, the entrance ticket to the wider world, but today obtaining a license isn’t just about mobility and independence, it is also used, increasingly, as the primary form of identification in many countries.  It is however, the ability to travel, the freedom to go where you want, when you want, that is most attractive.

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Learning to drive is, for most of us, the first step into the adult world we take, and often the first dealing with officialdom as well, it can all seem a bit daunting to begin with, but with preparation and a little knowledge of what to expect the road to mobility and a freedom can be a smooth one.

How you obtain the license varies from country to country, and even between states, but it usually follows a simple pattern.

Written exam

This has many names, the DMV permit test for instance, but is usually where you start. The written test is made up of questions to ascertain if the candidate has enough knowledge of the laws, road signs and driving environment within the region (most often the country but state tests do vary as well) to be considered safe to learn the actual skill of driving on those roads.

The test usually comprises a mix of questions varying between road sign identification and traffic laws and regulations, and the important thing when taking one of these exams is to be prepared. Knowing a few road signs is not enough, to be successful the key is simply to learn the subject well.If they are available to you, take practise tests to gauge your readiness for the real exam.

These tests are usually multiple choice, and whilst some people will always equate that to ‘easy’, do not be fooled, the written test is difficult, and you will need to take the test itself, and studying for it, seriously.

Always study the latest laws and codes for your country or state, education4drivers.com keeps regular updates on test changes and provides example test questions for individual state tests.

Driving lessons

This is the point where you learn to control a car. There are many routes to take here, again it does depend on location, but all require a learner driver to be accompanied by a licensed and experienced driver at all times, this could be a professional instructor or family for instance.

How long it takes to get to grips with car control is a personal thing, some people pick it up straight away, others take a while, there are no set rules here, but the important thing is to stick with it until you are ready to take the driving test, and not just go for the test even if you are struggling during lessons because someone you know only took a few weeks to do it.

Driving test

The final hurdle to overcome, the test is a combination of everything you have learned, the traffic laws and road signs from the written test, combined with the car control learned during driving lessons. It can be intimidating, but if you have prepared well, all will be fine.

The contents of the test do vary slightly depending on where you take it, education4drivers.com is a great source of information on what the test entails state by state, as well as further information on all aspects of obtaining a driving license.

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