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Nicholas Buckland is an ace ice dancer from England, who represented his motherland at a number of events; he was born on June 9, 1989. He won the bronze medal in 2014 European championship along with Penny Coomes; he has won six championships around the globe. The duo has participated at the Winter Olympics, and has won three English national championships between 2012 and 2014.

url All about Nicholas Buckland – A knowledgebase

Nicholas Buckland belonged to the town of Nottingham, and left his initial mark in the training rink of the NIC Nottingham skating club. He started pursuing his dream under the guidance of Coach Evgeny Platov; later on he was guided by Choreographers Zhanna Palagina and Philip askew. He had participated in free music program (2012-13) involving The Metropole Orkest and The Basement Jaxx. His hobbies included Xbox, football and Golf.

He has attended the Nottingham Trent University and The Becket School. Currently, he is regarded as an established athlete and pursuing his dream career. He started ice-skating at an early age of 2. He had inherited the legacy of his grandparents; his grandma is identified with the London shows, while his grandfather was a champion of the British Speed Skating Championships. Joseph Buckland, his brother was a competitive ice dancer.

Moving to ice-skating rinks

He and his partner decided to pursue their dream skating career at a much higher level once they qualified for the Olympic Games 2010. Both of them got trained in the US under Evgeny Platov, the two times Champion at the Olympics; in order to pursue this training, they had to leave National Ice Center.

They would spend about 5 to 6 days on the ice every week for about 4 to 6 hours each day. Apart from taking Ballet classes, they would often spend hours doing lifts and training at the floor for their program. Nicholas Buckland is known to have a cheese omelet and ham accompanied by hot sauce for his breakfast everyday!

A few of the achievements of Nicolas Buckland

  • Winner of the Winter Olympics 2010
  • Winner of the British Ice Dance Champion 2011
  • Held 6th at the 2011 European Championships
  • Held 14th at the 2011 World Championships

In 2005, Buckland formed a partnership with Penny Coomes. Acquired the 9th place at the Finlandia Trophy in 2008 with which they made their international debut at the senior level. The acquired the fourth position at the Ondrej Nepela Memorial ground in 2009 and stood 9th in Graz (Austria) at the Ice Challenge during the season 2009-10.

A silver medal was won by them as they took part in the British championships; during 2009, the Golden Spin of Zagreb saw them win a bronze medal. December of 2009 saw trainer Evgeni Platov begin a training session with Buckland and Coomes. They trained in New Jersey. During the winter Olympics 2010, they had represented Great Britain with the likes of John Kerr and Sinead Kerr; they stood 20th at this event.

During the season of 2010-2011 they took part in World Championships wherein they ranked 16th; during this season, they also took part in European Championships wherein they ranked 14th. The European Championships held in Sheffield during 2012 saw Buckland and Coomes finishing sixth; during the World championships at Nice (France) held in 2012 they stood 14th.

During the world championships held in London during 2013 they stood 13th, and at the European Championships held in Zagreb during the same year they stood fifth.

During the European Championships held at Budapest in 2014, Buckland and his partner Coomes swept the bronze medal. A series of success continues, but Buckland still remains that gem of a person for his fans all over the globe.

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