Smashing the Record: 5 Famous Sports Figures Arrested for DUIs

While it is not uncommon to hear about an athlete with legal trouble, the most common arrest among sports figures every year is for drunk driving. While there is a long list of sports figures that have received DUIs, these are the most famous [...]

Chicago Bears 2012 – A Year in Review

Chicago Bears 2012 – A Year in Review Jerome Manson is a sports enthusiast who enjoys both watching games and studying various teams’ successes and failures. When he isn’t analyzing the X’s and O’s, Jerome is blogging about the  NY [...]

How to Get Ready for a Weekly Fantasy Football Draft

If you are selecting fantasy football players to compete for just one week, like in a weekly fantasy football league, you can’t just go by your preseason rankings.  Injuries, schedule, the rise of some players and the decline of others can [...]