Which Six Nations 2013 Team Wins In The Style Stakes?

rugby Which Six Nations 2013 Team Wins In The Style Stakes?

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Most rugby enthusiasts will be familiar with their ‘scrum-halves’ ‘forwards’ and ‘props’, and they will also be able to tell you who’s a dead cert to win this year’s Six Nations tournament.

But what they may struggle to answer is who will top the league in the battle for best style stakes, both on and off the pitch.

We kick-off with each country taking part by dissecting their match/training kits then discover which designer has won the scrum to tailor their pre/post match suits.

Opening the tournament is Ireland who although start as third favourites, unfortunately do not make the grade kit-wise as they appear to go with the same look every time a major competition rocks up. This lack of invention means they will need the luck of the Irish despite believing that changing their style is a bad omen which may ruin their chances of claiming a second Six Nations trophy.

Near neighbours France usually like to aim for a bit of Gallic flair and see no reason why they should not stick with that mantra although plumping for blue shorts instead of the usual white doesn’t exactly exude imagination. However, they will not care one jot if this little ensemble juxtaposed with a blue shirt and red socks powers them all the way to the final.

England’s chances, much like their strip points to one of familiarity, yet there’s something slightly different this time around. The dark blue socks replacing the previous white thus emphasising the fact that there’s not a lot wrong with the team, but clearly a few tweaks are required to see them on the trophy winner’s podium come the end of the competition.

Another team with more than enough power and class to claim the Six Nations in 2013 is Wales. Although their strip of red shirt, white shorts and red socks reminds us of a northern football team from the lower reaches of the Football League, that’s as far as the comparison goes. Anyone who dares tell you that this kit will undermine the dragons task ahead had better be prepared to place their foot firmly in their mouth.

Darkness has descended in Scotland where once there was light and that can only mean one thing. The battle gear for 2013 has evolved into a mean and moody, dark navy blue all-in-one piece and the natives back home will be preying that the lights don’t go out on any dreams they cling to. Being one of the more unfancied sides already proves how tough it will be.

Finally, we move onto brighter horizons as Italy, true to form, and never ones to disappoint in all things fashion, dazzle us yet again with an all sky blue number which could explain which direction their ambitions are heading. With such lofty heights to reach, all Italian supporters would do well to light a vigil just in case their heroes’ chances go up in smoke.

Verdict: The award for best match kit goes to Italy for its use of colour and design, while best training kit is just shaded by England for their dark blue and red hooped outfit.

French designers Eden Park are responsible for the pre/post match suits of England, Ireland, Wales, France and Italy while Scotland have opted for John Lewis.

Do you have a favourite match/training kit?

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