martial arts

Is MMA Good For Kids? The 6 Best Reasons To Enroll Your Child Today!

For many when they think of MMA or mixed martial arts they think of two tattooed men inside a cage battling each other in a gladiator like quest to be the victor at all costs.  These events are now broadcast on national television on a [...]
Jon 'Bones' Jones

The Rise Of Light Heavyweight UFC Champion Jon ‘Bones’ Jones

Anyone who has a remote interest in the world of mixed martial arts and the UFC will have heard of the light heavy weight sensation that is Jon “Bones” Jones. This is the guy who seemed to come from nowhere to become the youngest UFC champion [...]
American Kenpo

Defining American Kenpo

Edmund Kealoha Parker, known as the Grand Master and founder of the first U.S. born martial arts system once said, “I come to you with only karate and my hands. I have no weapons, but should I be forced to defend myself, then here are my weapons, [...]