How men and women can look their best when going golfing

Ideally, most people would believe that golfing in fact does not require any kind of particular clothing that would make them look dressed appropriately for the event.while this is true in case of your local golf course and even the mini golf course at shopping malls and the likes, it is a very different story when you wish to play golf at a private golf course or the ones available at a resort. When going to these resorts or private golf courses, the dress code is very vital and you cannot enter these areas wearing anything that you please. If you have been planning for a golf travel with your friends or even colleagues at work, the following attire tips for both men and women will ensure that you look your golfing best at all times.

  1. For men:

  1. Shun the loud clothes:

If you thought that golfing calls for wearing clothes that are invariably loud and scream garish you need to consider doing a reality check. As a rule of thumb, the clothes that you decide to wear on an average day are the kind of clothes that should make way into your golfing bag. They should look simple, clean and most importantly they must go easy on the eyes. Therefore, simple collared shirts in stripes work well for golfing trips.

  1. Do not wear massive belts:

Agreed a belt is an important accessory in terms of golfing attire, however, it is important that you select the one that does not have a massive buckle right at the centre to draw unwanted attention. The trick is to wear thinner belts with a considerably smaller sized buckle to tone down the overall look.

  1. Khaki Pants:

This one is an absolute no brainer. When it comes to selecting the right golfing attire for your golf travel, khaki pants are a must as they lend a very polished look. However, it is important that these pants are slim fit rather than flared. Besides, a certain amount of stretch to these pants will also ensure comfort.

  1. For women:

  1. Pants or shorts:

It is important to wear the right kind of pants when going golfing. Usually, you must stay away from denims and even track or running pants. These seem extremely causal and are completely unacceptable. Instead, you could consider wearing slacks on days that are colder. However, if the weather is bright and sunny, you could opt for Capri pants and even shorts. A combination of skirts and shorts that are available in the market can also be worn as long as comfort is given the prime importance.

  1. Shirt:

Any type of collared shirt is best suited for a golfing trip. The shirt could be with or without sleeves and could even be a polo style shirt. Women have the added advantage of wearing shirts in colours and different styles that also include geometric patterns as well as their floral counterparts. However, it is important to shun halter and tank tops as also sun dresses when going golfing. Maintaining the dress code is very important especially in private and resort style golf courses.

  1. Layering the shirt:

Layers help create a visual impact and can be considered an option not just to make it look fashionably appealing but also since they serve a purpose during colder days and can prevent you from getting chilly. As a rule of thumb a vest or a sweater works best on polo shirts and also turtlenecks. However, you should steer clear of denim jackets and even sweatshirts when on a golf course.

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Christopher Dempsey is a businessman and CEO of a well known financial firm who often ventures on golf travel with colleagues. He loves reading about finance and occasionally thumbs through men’s fashion magazines as well. 

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