Martial Arts – The Chinese Style

Martial Arts – The Chinese Style

Chinese have always been famous as martial art performers. In the 1970’s their art forms took a commercial turn when the famous martial arts performer Bruce Lee displayed his fighting skills in movies. Even Americans who have not been to China are exposed to this traditional fighting style through Chinese movies displaying on the edge action sequences between swordsmen and martial art experts.

Among the most popular of all martial arts, Kung Fu is the most established Chinese martial arts developed thousands of years ago.

How Kung Fu came into being?

This style of fighting was introduced for self-protection by the monks in China. At the time of division of China, there was an explosion of wars all over the country. To protect themselves from the consequences of frequent wars, few monks had developed Shaolin temples and Shaolin monks on the mountains and had learnt the art of Kung Fu.

Kung Fu styles

It has been believed that Kung Fu is basically an art of defense where the fighter learns the skills to give defeat to the opponent through different techniques and there is no distinction between any styles of the art. On the contrary, as per the traditional Chinese martial arts, Kung Fu is classified into 2 main styles namely internal martial arts and external martial arts.

External Kung Fu art: Focused mainly on power and strength, external kung fu style has the Shaolin Kung Fu as its envoy. This style of Kung Fu is known to have 72 styles of Kung Fu art. Breathing, bare-hand, qinggong and with weapon skills are some of the majors of external style Kung Fu. This art form of fighting boosts the hardness and stiffness of the body hence aptly called the external style. Shaolin monks consider this style a more of mental health enhancer than a physical exercise because they believe that a healthy body gives birth to a peaceful mind and soul. External Kung Fu is a kind of meditation for these Shaolin monks.

Internal Kung Fu art: Unlike external form, direct force has not been used to hurt the opponent rather it is called soft kind of martial art. Profound understanding of the capabilities of a human body is foremost in this internal style of martial art followed by learning the precise skills of breathing. Qigong and daoyin skills are also learnt thoroughly in the internal style.

To learn the expertise of Kung Fu, it is quite important to be familiar with both the styles of martial art. However, the major principle of Kung Fu is not to beat the opponent but to improve the emotional balance of one’s mind. In order to defeat the opponent through Kung Fu skills, a long-term preparation is needed for the trainee. It is also very important to first understand the opponent’s state of mind before attacking. If the challenger is a wicked person, apply the harsh defensive acts or else scare him with your soft style Kung Fu.

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