“Less Money Mo’ Problems” 4 Health Problems You Might Share With Pro Athletes

Less Money1 Less Money Mo Problems 4 Health Problems You Might Share With Pro Athletes

Not all health concerns are injuries, and even though health concerns for athletes tend to make the headlines, you’ve probably experienced many of the same health issues.

Muscle Strains And Pain

Less Money2 Less Money Mo Problems 4 Health Problems You Might Share With Pro Athletes

You get them when you work out after a long break away from exercising: Muscle strain, muscle pain. It’s the same for professional athletes, who spend a great deal of time in the weight room or in the training room getting prepared for their sport. Many of the remedies used for professional athletes are the same as what you’d use: naproxen sodium, acetominophen and more. Athletes run into problems because their preparation is so stressful that the painkilling doses can injure their kidneys and liver; this happened to Seahawks fullback Michael Robinson.

Athlete’s Foot

Less Money3 Less Money Mo Problems 4 Health Problems You Might Share With Pro Athletes

Athlete’s foot is one sign of a candida epicans infection in the body. Candida, a yeast that’s part of the digestive tract. Candida can expand to other parts of the body, and is the primary case of athlete’s foot, as well as broken and yellowing toenails, and vaginal yeast infections for women. Athletes foot outbreaks made the news with the University of Tennessee football program recently. It looks like they should have gotten athletes foot treatment in Florida before they jumped in the hot tub together…

Ligament Strains

Ankle, elbow and wrist elbow sprains happen in professional sports, and in everyday life. Ankle and elbow sprains happen when the foot or lower arm experience more torsion and flex than the joint was intended for. They can cause limitations in mobility, inflammation, and are very slow to heal. A particularly tricky type of ligament injury is a Lisfranc sprain in the foot – the Lisfranc ligaments run under the arch of the foot and require near immobilization to heal properly; they can be caused by running and stopping in cleats, or slipping on ice in loose fitting shoes. Linebacker Aldon Smith of the 49′ers missed time due to a Lisfranc sprain.

Muscle TearsLess Money4 300x273 Less Money Mo Problems 4 Health Problems You Might Share With Pro Athletes

Minor and major muscle tears happen as part of everyday life and from athletics. Treatment in both cases involves physical therapy and letting the muscle heal. Interestingly enough, the core mechanic of building strength with resistance training is predicated on microtears in muscle tissue – the burn you feel when lifting weight and the soreness afterwards are your muscles tearing a little bit, followed by lactic acid buildup, and building strength comes from your body repairing the small muscle tears. MMA fighter Brock Lesnar had to miss fights due to a pectoral muscle torn during training.

Just because an injury or athletic health issue happens to professionals doesn’t mean it can’t happen to you! Exercise safely in a clean environment.

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