The Most Interesting Moments of MLB Season 2015 so Far

Not all years are the same in sports. Some years are amazing and you cannot believe that you are seeing this as it is unfolding and other years, you just cannot wait for the season to finish so that the new one can start. This is true for baseball as well. Some years were legendary and others were simply meh. As far as the MLB 2015 season goes, things are looking great. And they did from the very start of the season which has been one of the more memorable in recent memory.

A Great Opening Day

The 2015 Opening Day was one of the best in recent years, with 6 teams altogether spinning shutouts on the very first day of the season. This marks a record in its own. It was a four-game opening weekendand more than 800,000 people tuned in to watch the games on ESPN and ESPN2. This is a rise of more than 20% over the 2014 season.

Infographic MLB 2015 Season Facts The Most Interesting Moments of MLB Season 2015 so Far

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A-Rod is Back

Alex Rodriguez was out for the 2014 MLB season due to the controversy over the use of performance enhancing drugs. Now, we do not wish to get into it and start a whole new debate, but we can tell you one thing. Everyone should be glad that A-Rod is back. MLB is just so much more fun when he is around. For instance, he holds this year’s record for the longest home run with 471 feet. In addition to this, just a few days ago, Alex passed Gehrig on the RBI all-time leaders list.

Cardinals and Royals Looking Good

Most experts say that there is a great chance that the Cardinals and the Royals will meet in the World Series this season. Judging by how both teams are playing, this will come as surprise to no one. The Cardinals are doing their best to do without Adam Wainwright and the Royals are looking even better than last year when they went to World Series (but lost). It’s looking great for both these teams.

Indians Shave their Heads

This moment has little to do with the actual game of baseball and more with camaraderie, the support players get from each other and the sense of brotherhood that they share. Mike Aviles who plays for Cleveland Indians has a daughter who was diagnosed with leukemia. When they heard about this, a few players from the team started shaving their heads. More and more joined and now they are all sporting a very, very close shave. It is a very touching thing to see and Mike has said how much it means to him.

Stanton becomes Miami’s HR Leader

It is not every day that you see a player break the team’s all-time home run leader, but this already happened this year. The player in question is Miami Marlins’ outfielder Giancarlo Stanton who hit his 155th home run of the career, enough to be the best in Marlins’ history. It is safe to say that he is living up to his giant contract.

If you are interested in more amazing facts and great moments from the first part of the 2015 MLB season, make sure to check out this fantastic infographic.

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