What Should Be Included In The Amateur Cricketer’s Bag For The New Season?

If you have been impressed with the achievements of the English cricket team in recent months, at Test, One Day and Twenty20 level, and have decided to give the sport a go come the start of the new season later on in the year, you will need to ensure you have the appropriate kit. There are many elements to a cricketer’s kit and if you have never played before, going out to buy all the new equipment can be quite a daunting proposition. In order to assist you with this, read on to discover what should be included in your cricket bag for the start of the new season;

Batting Equipment

When it comes to batting, protection is the order of the day, and this is reflected in the equipment you will need to buy for when you are out in the middle batting;

Helmet: Providing the only form of protection for your head, a helmet is one of the most important pieces of equipment to buy. It can be a scary vision seeing a fast bowler running down in preparation to bowl at you, however with a helmet on you will at least feel confident that you have the necessary protection in place; it is then down to you to connect with the ball and avoid it hitting your wickets!

Pads: Your legs are also very much in the firing line as the bowler attempts to hit the wickets behind them, so suitable pads are a must have in your cricket bag. The pads guarding your legs should provide good protection in addition to enabling you to move easily as you run from one end of the pitch to the other; it is therefore advisable to try a number of different pairs on before settling on one.

Batting Gloves: The gloves you wear have three main purposes, the first is to provide the obvious protection you require for your hands, the second is for comfort as you need to feel comfortable when you are batting out in the middle and the third is manoeuvrability as you need to be able to grip the bat firmly at the same time as having the flexibility to easily flick your wrists when a particular shot is required.

Body Protection: There are many other protective items available, including those that protect your arms, body and thighs in addition to the ‘box’ which protects a male’s all important area! It is important not to overlook additional protection and should be incorporated into your cricket bag even if the need to use it isn’t always necessary.

Cricket Bats

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The most important part of a batsman’s equipment is of course the cricket bat, and there are a number of different designs available to suit your particular style of play. If you are just starting out as an amateur cricketer you might not know your style of play yet so it may be advisable to test a few of the bats owned by your chosen club before you go out and buy one. In general though, the lighter weight bats are designed for the finesse player who concentrates greatly on positioning and accuracy whilst the heavier, thicker bats are designed for the big hitters so that the power required to hit the long distances can be generated.

General Equipment

mp900431272 What Should Be Included In The Amateur Cricketers Bag For The New Season?

Cricket Balls: It is always worth having an extra couple of cricket balls in your bag as should one of your teammates hit a huge shot in training, you may well be required to grab one of the spares out of your bag whilst the original is sourced!

Clothing: Although your cricket club will more than likely have their own kit, there is no harm in purchasing a few extra whites for training or match purposes. Despite more colours being introduced on an international level, on the amateur cricket circuit you are pretty safe sticking to white trousers and shirts for your matches.

Footwear: As with many sports, there is specific footwear available to suit the game of cricket. Cricket footwear is designed to offer the support you need when you are out in the field whilst also providing the grip you require when bowling or batting dependant on the sole you go for.

There are a number of additional extras including the all important sunglasses and keeping gloves and pads should you decide the wicketkeeper role is the one for you, however with the equipment listed above inside your cricket bag for the start of the new season, you will have the basics in place and it will be just down to mastering the art of playing the game of cricket for you to get to grips with.

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This post was written by blogger Oliver Kyle for Fordham Sports; retailers of a range of cricket equipment to set you up perfectly for the start of the new cricket season in a few weeks time.

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