The Importance of Communication in Baseball

Baseball is one of those sports that millions love to watch. Few people understand the importance of the communication in baseball. It is not only the fly-ball chasing moment that is breathtaking. but for the experienced baseball defender the communication methods are fascinating.

One might think that there is nothing troublesome with perfecting the communication skills within the baseball team, but it is not true. Even Major League baseball players have trouble communicating. However, there is no doubt that polished signals are the key element for any baseball team’s success.

 The Importance of Communication in Baseball

What is the cause of the importance of communication?

As baseball is not only based on physical abilities of a player, another aspect comes in. Intellect and strategy are two features that are no less important. That is the reason why communication is essential in baseball. Roughly saying it is not American football to rely on one’s strength.

The Meanings of Signs

The most important is the communication between the catcher and pitcher. Most commonly they are using numerical signals. By these simple signs a catcher can inform the pitcher about very specific details. For example, if a catcher wants to puzzle the hitter and increase the success of the pitcher, he can easily tell him what type of ball is preferred to be thrown.

Verbal Communication

As for the verbal hints, the catcher receives the information regarding the direction of the ball once it is at the backstop or out of his sight. Verbal catchwords are not only vital for favorable outcome but also for the catcher’s health. As he is wearing a hefty mask his sight is not as good as it should be.

In order to avoid accidents two calls are established: “mine” and “got it”. Outfielders are notified about the ball control and the play flows without misunderstandings. In case players need each other’s help in backup other communication methods are used as well.

Another important piece of information that players receive comes from the coach. He gives a sign whether a runner should dive, stop or continue running and this is the decision that only a coach is able to make. In case of alterations during a specific situation the coach can also tell fielders the direction that a ball is better to be thrown.

Trust the Signals

When talking about communication it is not just the speaking or yelling that is important, listening is just as crucial. The players should be able to trust each other and once they receive a sign they should react immediately without hesitation; this is what makes a team a successful one and lead it to the top.

There is no team power without the harmony between the players. All the communication methods used in the game help the team achieve its goal. Besides, no less significant is the role that signs play in the health aspect. Much more injuries would be caused without the signal players give to each other.

Without a doubt communication is the key element of harmony in any baseball team.

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