5 Tips For Preparing For Your First Triathlon

A first triathlon can be daunting, but it’s probably one of the most satisfying challenges you’ll ever put yourself through. If you’re properly prepared and put the right amount of time and effort into preparation and training, [...]

Sports Persons Plague

If you personally, or you know anybody who does sport, then you know how important it is to keep your fitness levels at an all-time high in order to stay competitive in your respective sport. If not, an unfortunate injury could side-line you [...]

Yoga Practice: What Not To Do! Avoiding Practice Pitfalls

I have been practising yoga for eight years now and although I’m not a teacher, I have picked up some useful information along the way. I am not the kind of person who believes that yoga should be serious all the time – we have enough [...]
Endurance Training

Golf And Life Expectancy: Better Than Extreme Endurance Training?

We all know that athletes generally live longer than the rest of the population. More exercise means less risk of cardiovascular disease, and therefore a longer life. What’s interesting is that extreme endurance athletes don’t seem [...]
USA's team competes in the synchronised

Unusual Sports For Children

Getting children involved in sports can be a real chore. There are only so many sports out there that they can try. Football, swimming, basket ball, ballet, but what if none of these are right? Each child is an individual and the ‘normal’ [...]