The Greatest News Stories of London 2012

London 2012 has been an eventful, exciting and inspiring time for everybody around the world. Bouncing from world record to world record, this year’s Olympics has set the bar higher than ever and it has produced more than a few stories which many of us will take away with us after all the fun has ended.

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Jessica Ennis

Jessica Ennis was the poster girl for British hopes in the run up to the Olympics, and she blasted her way into history with a blistering display in the heptathlon event. Ennis came into the event with confidence and inspiration from competing in her home country, but shocked even herself when she smashed her personal records in three of the disciplines for the event. These all added up to give her the gold medal of the event and break another personal best in total career points, as well as breaking the national record.

Usain Bolt


We’ve all come to expect world records from the hulking Jamaican sprinter, but one thing we didn’t expect was for him to swagger into the lead so easily. His training partner and rival Yohan Blake was supposed to provide a match for him this year, but Bolt seemed to fire on sixteen cylinders in the 100m final to leave all of his competitors in the dust. The more interesting race was the qualifier for the event


when Bolt ran clear of the pack, and began to ease up when he knew he had won. The two runners closest to him spurned themselves forward seeing Bolt relax and, although still taking first, the Jamaican almost didn’t qualify because of his lackadaisical approach. A wise judgement or just blind luck?

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Johnny Peacock

There isn’t a Paralympian who isn’t inspiring and humbling, but Johnny Peacock made great strides into the sympathies of the British people in the Paralympics. After losing his leg to meningitis whilst still at school, Peacock found his own inspiration in Paralympian Oscar Pistorius and vowed to become a sprinter at the games. In the T44 100m final, Peacock blazed ahead of all competition and left everybody behind, including his hero and idol Pistorius, to set a Paralympian record of 10.90 seconds.

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, provided some comic relief for Olympics fans in Victoria Park, celebrating Britain’s first gold medal of the games. The comical politician was left dangling from a zip wire at a considerable height above the ground after he lost momentum, remarking to the crowd; “This is great fun, but it needs to go a little faster.”

Green Olympics

In a fitting success to reflect the culture of the games, London 2012 has been deemed to be the ‘greenest Olympics’ in history. All of the venues were ordered to be constructed from at least 25% of recycled material, in an effort to decrease the environmental impact of such a vast scale of events. The Olympic Park itself regenerated a downtrodden and unused area of London and even managed to benefit, rather than disrupt, the local wildlife.

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Olympic Record

In a fitting end to the greatest news stories Team GB this year achieved its best crop of medals in over 100 years. Dwarfed only by the glory days of 1908 in which we won the Olympics, Team GB this year picked up 29 Gold Medals to make 2012 the second most successful year for Great Britain. 1908 was also held in London, and it would seem that the greatest success lies in competing on home soil. Compared to 2008′s Beijing Olympics, Team GB achieved 10 more Golds, 4 more Silvers, 4 more Bronzes and an overall increase of 18 medals; bringing the total tally to 65.

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