Buying The Best Golf Products

Golf is one of those sports that person has to experience firsthand in order to truly understand. Sure, there are those individuals who enjoy watching the game, but in order to really appreciate all of the unique aspects that make golf so appealing [...]
Endurance Training

Golf And Life Expectancy: Better Than Extreme Endurance Training?

We all know that athletes generally live longer than the rest of the population. More exercise means less risk of cardiovascular disease, and therefore a longer life. What’s interesting is that extreme endurance athletes don’t seem [...]
St. Andrews Club of Yonkers

How Golf Became Popular in America

In 1743 a ship containing 93 golf clubs and 432 golf balls made its way from Leith Scotland to Charleston, South Carolina. The delivery was headed to a Mr. Deas, who apparently was starting one of the first golfing groups in Unites States’ [...]

Golf Tech; GolfLogix’s Game Changing App

A quick search on the app store with the term “golf” will return you with hundreds and hundreds of apps from well-constructed games, to cheap stat trackers whose only goal is to steal a quick buck or two.  If you’re on the lookout for [...]
Garmin Approach G5 Golf Handheld GPS Device

Reviewing the Garmin Approach G5 Golf Handheld GPS Device

The Garmin Approach G5 is possibly be the easiest answer to all your golfing prayers and woes. If you’ve been contemplating buying a GPS-enable rangefinder then the Garmin G5 Approach model is worth checking out this year.  It comes already [...]