Purchasing Used Golf Course Equipment- Factors to Be Kept In Mind

Golf is all about getting rid of the stress of a hectic work schedule and it is the lush green serene golf course that actually acts as the stress buster. Therefore, there can be absolutely no doubt about the fact that maintaining the golf course [...]

How men and women can look their best when going golfing

Ideally, most people would believe that golfing in fact does not require any kind of particular clothing that would make them look dressed appropriately for the event.while this is true in case of your local golf course and even the mini golf [...]

Reasons to Head to Public Golf Courses This Summer

Public golf courses are often overlooked by people who want to play a relaxing round of golf, which is a real shame. While private clubs can offer some advantages, public golf courses can often exceed even the most sophisticated expectations. [...]

Buying The Best Golf Products

Golf is one of those sports that person has to experience firsthand in order to truly understand. Sure, there are those individuals who enjoy watching the game, but in order to really appreciate all of the unique aspects that make golf so appealing [...]

Courses Of The Open Championship

The Open Championship is played annually, but there are currently nine courses in the rota – five in Scotland and four in England. Let’s take a very quick look at them.ScotlandThe Open is due to be played at Muirfield this year, [...]
Perfecting Your Golf Game at Sleepy Ridge

Perfecting Your Golf Game at Sleepy Ridge

While there are those who wonder if golf is really a sport, professional and amateur golfers alike agree that it depends on how you define a sport. If you define a sport as only running fast and jumping high, then no, golf isn’t a sport. But [...]

Four Awesome Sports With Awesome Uniforms

Pro sports teams like to keep things pretty traditional, but amateur and semi-pro teams get to have a lot of fun with their duds. Here are some amazing sports you can count on for epic uniforms: 1. Frisbee Golf For those who like to play frisbee [...]
Golf Cart Parts

Do Your Online Research To Get The Best Quality Golf Cart Parts

If you currently own a golf cart, than chances are you have needed to buy quality replacement parts for it at some point. Nowadays, purchasing golf cart replacement parts has never been quite so easy of a task. Today, there exists tons of reputable [...]

How to Play Golf

If you fancy a sport that doesn’t involve any undignified running around, then golf is the game for you. While the golf course has a reputation for being a kind of outdoor gentlemen’s club where men in bad jumpers strike business deals, [...]

Top Golf Courses You May Not Know About

There are many illustrious golf courses that are little known to the general public located around the entire world. Visiting any of the following destinations will make the trip to the golf course a memorable experience. There are many magnificent [...]