Germany – Ghana 2- 2,the Boateng brothers’ World cup match

Football is regarded as the world’s most popular sport. The beautiful game, as it is known, tends to offer viewers with much more than just two competing teams. There are always multiple plots and sub-plots behind the scenes which make the sport even more interesting and mesmerizing. This was ever apparent during the 2-2 draw between Ghana and Germany during the second round of games during the group stage at the World Cup currently being held in Brazil. Facing off on opposing teams were two brothers, both representing different countries and meeting for the second time on football’s biggest stage. Kevin-Prince Boateng plays for Ghana and his brother Jerome Boateng plays for Germany. Their story is truly unique and could only occur in this great sport we know as football.

Both brothers were born in Berlin to the same father but with separate mothers. Their father, who is Ghanaian, is the reason why Kevin-Prince was able to choose Ghana as his national team.Ghana has been an African powerhouse in football over the past couple of years, almost becoming the first African team to reach the semifinals in a World Cup only to lose in very controversial circumstances to Uruguay. For football fans that want to discover Ghana’s football with their own eyes and want to see a match in this beautiful country, you could start searching a place to stay checking on local classified sites to rent a house or a villaat very affordable price. Kevin-Prince was not favored in the youth setup on the German teams and therefore chose Ghana in order to star at international tournaments. Jerome, on the other hand, chose the country of his birth and as cemented himself as one of the finest defenders, plying his trade for the juggernaut Bayern Munich. Kevin-Prince, although one of the most skilled midfielders in the world, has failed to live up to his high expectations and was recently traded from AC Milan to Schalke in Germany.

The first time they faced off against each other in South Africa four years ago, it was new for the viewers and the players. Now that both have been playing in the German Bundesliga over the past year, they have played against each other numerous times in the league and cup competitions. However, the intensity is still there because it was reported that they stopped contacting each other when the tournament began in Brazil. During the game itself, Ghana was expected to lose after succumbing to a defeat to a weaker U.S. team in their first game and Germany had just come off a huge win against Portugal. But, Ghana proved their worth and pushed the Germans all the way with Germany only tying the game late on. It was truly one of highest quality games of the tournament so far, made even more so by the two brothers fighting to win on opposite teams. It reminded us how much these two brothers care about representing their respective nations.


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