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ROBERT92 Football is one of the oldest sports in the history of sporting activities. Since time in memorial people have used football as a pass time activity for relaxation and team building purposes. The huge fan base associated with football has brought up many activities revolving around the game such as football betting, the football player market among others.

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People and companies have nowadays invested quite a huge amount of money in this sport. This is evident from the value of players in various leagues, match ticket turnover, huge and beautiful pitches among others.


Various countries have got their own football leagues whereby different teams compete against each other. This league include the premier league played in England, Bundesliga played in Germany, Spain have got the La Liga, Serie A and B played in Italy, and the MlS played in north America just to mention a few. There are also tournaments in which the best teams from each league compete in a continental championship.

Countries are not also left behind as each continent has its own competitions whereby by the best countries battle it out to claim the continental trophy. To spice it all up, the world football organizing body organizes a global tournament referred to as the world cup. In this competition, each continent is represented by several countries that play against each other in different groups and stages. The world cup takes place after every four years.


Betting is a phenomenon associated with football to a high extent. Many diehard fans will want to make maximum profits when their teams play. As a result, many betting companies have emerged offering an opportunity for football lovers to double their money.

Bets are placed on different aspects such as results based on a full time results, half time results, number of goals scored, the first team to score or even the players to score goals in a particular game. However fans are advised on making reasonable bets, they are warned on the addictive nature of betting and also guided on responsible betting. Different companies offer different betting odds. Odds are arrived at after so much research has been undertaken on factors such as team form, head to head appearances results and the form of a team.


Each year teams may strengthen their squads buy buying players. Others release players by selling them to other teams. The business of buying and selling players is referred to as the transfer market which is undertaken when the transfer market is opened.

Nowadays the transfer market has been surrounded by big money moves and clubs are spending a great deal of money to see that they win at least silverware. As a result, clubs with a budget limit are finding it very difficult to survive in major leagues. The world football tips governing body has introduced measures dubbed as financial fair play which will see teams spend only is their income is substantial enough to balance its books.

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