Endangered Sports Five of the Most Unusual Sports from History 3

Endangered Sports: Five of the Most Unusual Sports from History

Sporting events around the world are perhaps more popular than ever. Franchises, players, and television networks rake in mountains of money every year from eager fans following their favorite pastimes. But what of the sports that are a little [...]

Top 5 Extreme Sports Cities In Europe

If you find poolside people-watching a little pedestrian and get bored stiff at the thought of milling around museums then we’ve got the answer. You’ll find there are incredible white knuckle experiences in, or very close to some [...]

Feel Tool Old For Extreme Sports? Think Again…

You are never too old for adventure and an adrenalin rush. After 50 is too old for extreme sports? Of course not. There are older citizens who tell the young kids to move over and watch an expert show the how to succeed at an extreme sport. [...]
Ice Climbing Area

The Extreme Sport Of Ice Climbing

If you are looking for some adventure and enjoy extreme sports, consider ice climbing. As the term implies, the activity involves climbing steep inclines of ice shelves, frozen waterfalls, or mountain cliffs that have become icy from freezing [...]

Extreme Sports Breakdown

Do you fancy something that gets your heart pumping and your brain whizzing? Are you bored with running around your local streets or kicking a ball around in the park? If so, you may want to consider trying an extreme sport – exhilarating, [...]