6 Reasons To Take Up Cycling

Image by /charlene Choosing a bike over a car or bus may seem like the more strenuous option on a Monday morning, but the benefits that result will not only affect you but your wallet and environment too. Following a successful and proud year [...]

Cycling Claims And Safe Cycling Practices

It has become one of the most popular ways of getting around in the UK, as well as many areas across the globe. Every day, millions of us jump onto our bikes for the school run, daily commute or just as a way of keeping fit and healthy. Cycling [...]

5 Tips For Preparing For Your First Triathlon

A first triathlon can be daunting, but it’s probably one of the most satisfying challenges you’ll ever put yourself through. If you’re properly prepared and put the right amount of time and effort into preparation and training, [...]
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Be Seen – The Number One Rule For Cyclists

Cycling is a safe way of getting around, as well as increasingly being seen as an important method for many people to get and stay fit. However, as our roads become increasingly busy, and ever more lorries, buses, cars, vans – and of course [...]
Safety Tips for Cycling

Top 10 Safety Tips for Cycling

Bike accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. They can also happen to anyone, no matter how experienced the rider is who is involved. In my practice, I’ve worked with both kids and adults who were dealing with debilitating biking injuries. [...]

What Makes The Perfect Bike Frame Material?

Bicycle design has never stopped evolving, ever since the first pedal-driven machines wheeled out of Europe in the 1800s; those original efforts were beautifully crafted from materials like wrought-iron and wood – these ‘velocipedes’ represented [...]
2013 Tour De France

What Can We Expect From The 2013 Tour De France?

The route for next year’s Tour de France, the centenary edition of the iconic race, has now been announced and it promises to offer something extra special for riders and spectators. Starting on Corsica, the Mediterranean island known [...]
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How To Straighten A Damaged Bike Wheel

Any serious cyclist will want to know at least the basics of fundamental bike maintenance. Although it is inadvisable to start messing with any serious faults without proper knowledge or training, it is possible with the right tools and a bit [...]