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Is MMA Good For Kids? The 6 Best Reasons To Enroll Your Child Today!

For many when they think of MMA or mixed martial arts they think of two tattooed men inside a cage battling each other in a gladiator like quest to be the victor at all costs.  These events are now broadcast on national television on a [...]

Swimming Lessons For Children – How Fast Can They Learn?

Learning how to swim for a child is really not much different from learning how to walk, talk or read. It is a process that takes time and requires unconditional support and patience from the parent or instructor. However, certain factors will [...]

Hooked! The Perfect Family Bonding Activity

The modern family may stereotypically still be seen as a couple with 2 children but it is becoming more difficult for parents and their kids to bond like they used to. Whether this is down to the technology which is now at hand meaning even [...]
USA's team competes in the synchronised

Unusual Sports For Children

Getting children involved in sports can be a real chore. There are only so many sports out there that they can try. Football, swimming, basket ball, ballet, but what if none of these are right? Each child is an individual and the ‘normal’ [...]