Beginners Guide To Fantasy Football

What is fantasy football and how is it played

Fantasy football has had everyone in all age groups going crazy. This is essentially a virtual competition. It is more than a video game. This is serious business. In this type of virtual football, you are managing professional footballers. Your team is competing against other teams.

So the essence of this game is that you are a manager of a pseudo-team. You can have any number of football stars playing for your team. Don’t confuse this football with soccer. What is being indicated here is NFL (National Football League), a sport that is played extensively in the United States.

The different actions on the field

There are several terminologies used in fantasy football. You have to know them before you start gaming. The following are the terms.

Drafting – This is a process to select players to your team. You and several other managers select from a pool of footballers. When you select a player, you sign a contract with him. He cannot play for other teams except yours.

Trading – It is the exchange of players and their contracts across teams. Contracts may also have associated cash transactions. Typically, only two teams participate in a trade. But trading can be done between multiple teams as well.

Adding/dropping players – In fantasy football, footballers are picked or dropped based on their performance or capabilities. A player can be picked or dropped based on the strategy you want to employ against the opposition. Every player has their strengths and weaknesses. And you want an ideal combination to be pitted against your rival.

Types of leagues

In this type of virtual competition, things are highly organized. The following are the leagues in this type of game.

Head-to-Head Leagues

In this type of league, a team competes with a different team every week. The team that scores the most wins. The scoring system is based on the type of website you are using. Additionally, a commissioner sets the scoring mechanism. Ultimately, the number of wins and losses is taken into account. The team with the best statistic wins the league.

Total Points Leagues

In this type of league, fantasy football teams accumulate points over a period of time. Unlike head-to-head leagues, the numero uno position is given to the team with the most points. The NFL-regular season is highly important. Performing well in this season helps teams advance to the playoffs.

Salary Cap Leagues

In this type of league, players are given a salary. This dimension adds some realism to fantasy football. As a manager you have a budget. You cannot overshoot it. You select players within this budget.

You can sign a player for multiple years and pay a huge amount for retention. The player can be traded from another team. You can purchase multiple star players from various teams.

Fantasy football is fun, exhilarating, and can draw you into an amazing world of virtual reality. But try not to get addicted to it. If you do, then you may literally live and breathe through a virtual world.

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