5 Olympic Sports Most People Don’t Realize Exist

5 Olympic Sports Most People Dont Realize Exist pic 223x300 5 Olympic Sports Most People Dont Realize ExistWhen people settle in to watch the Olympics, they usually wait around to watch the marquee events like skating and gymnastics. But there are plenty of other fascinating Olympic events to choose from, and many of them are probably sports that you have never heard of. Here are 5 to check out.





The Biathlon is a Winter Olympic sport that essentially combines cross-country skiing with target shooting with guns. It actually started as a way for Norwegian soldiers to train for the combat they would experience defending their own country. After being inspired by the Biathlon, you may want to check out Websites such as 360tacticaltraining.com that offer CHL classes in Houston to improve your own marksmanship.





It actually requires a great deal of control over your body to be able to find success in the Summer Olympic trampoline event. The trampoline event is a cross between gymnastics and jumping on a trampoline. It can be an exciting event if you give it a chance.





Racewalking is part of a group of Summer Olypmic events called atheltics. You may be familiar with racewalking’s popular cousin track and field, but not a lot of people know about this somewhat oddball sport. The racewalking events require supreme endurance as they range from 12.1 miles to 31 miles. Some events outside the Olympics can be as long as 50 miles. The 12.1 mile event is for both men and women, while the 31 mile event is reserved for men only.





The Winter Olympics have not added as many sports to its roster as the Summer Olympics, but one fairly new Winter Olympic sport is something called the skeleton. The luge is a popular event that involves a sled and either a single competitor or a team. In the luge, the competitors sit on the sled with their feet facing outwards. On the skeleton, the competitors go down the icy course face first. It looks a lot more dangerous than luge, especially when the racers get up to top speeds.



Mogul Skiing


Mogul skiing is one of the most brutal events that skiers are asked to endure. A mogul skiing course is a downhill course with a series of bumps that the skiers must navigate as fast as possible. Not only is it difficult to maintain balance, but it can be extremely painful to wipe out on a track like this.


As we gear up for the Olympic season again, take some time to check out a few of these lesser known sports. You’ll be surprised by how entertaining they are to watch.

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