2013 College Basketball Team Preview: Creighton Bluejays

Getting Doug McDermott back for one more season enables Creighton to dream big. There’s another obvious reason why the Bluejays can rightfully harbor lavish and expansive aspirations for the coming season, something NorthBet experts can readily identify.

doug mcdermott creighton bluejays flickr 300x224 2013 College Basketball Team Preview: Creighton BluejaysCreighton’s Strengths:

The biggest strength of this team is that its superstar decided to stay in school for one more year. Doug McDermott, the son of head coach Greg McDermott, stunned a lot of basketball aficionados by turning away from the 2013 NBA Draft. McDermott easily would have been a lottery pick, but he felt that staying in school was the better path for him. His father and the rest of the Bluejays know that everything is possible in the coming season, and why not? McDermott is going to be a frontrunner for the National Player of the Year Award. He can shoot, post up, pass out of double teams, hit foul shots, play on the wing, and do just about anything required of a complete scorer. Creighton’s offense should be sensational with McDermott in the mix for one more season. Moreover, Creighton wing Grant Gibbs was given a sixth year of eligibility stemming from knee surgery he had earlier in his collegiate career. Being able to work with Gibbs will make McDermott and the Jays that much better, especially on offense.

There’s another thing to be said about the Bluejays’ outlook in the coming season: The team’s foremost rival in the Missouri Valley Conference, the Wichita State Shockers, made the Final Four and came very close to upsetting Louisville in the national semifinals in Atlanta. Wichita State led by a 47-35 score midway through the second half, and it took a barrage of threes from Louisville to turn the game in the other direction. Creighton surely saw what Wichita State did and will be cognizant of the opportunity that lies ahead.

Creighton’s Weaknesses:

The Bluejays, for all the weapons they own on offense, will be vulnerable on defense, a persistent weakness throughout the Doug McDermott era. Creighton has been able to run and gun on offense, but the Jays have frequently been unable to defend as well as they need to. The program has not gotten out of the first weekend of the NCAA tournament under the McDermotts (father and son alike), and with big man Gregory Echenique now pursuing a career in the professional ranks, Creighton will be that much weaker on defense and the boards. The Bluejays will be vulnerable near the rim, and one wonders if McDermott will be so focused on his offensive game that he won’t be able to provide a sufficient amount of lockdown defense at the other end of the floor.

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Creighton will be an immensely fun team to watch this season, but there’s a difference between being a fun team and a team that can go deep in the NCAA tournament. Creighton might be able to get to the Sweet 16, but if the Jays get that far, a better opponent will likely finish them off at that point.

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